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Youth Tribunal

The Youth Tribunal which operates at Hakfar Hayarok allows students to be involved in the life of the village and to be partners in the management process.

Every student or employee of Hakfar Hayarok may file an application to the Youth Tribunal.

Juvenile Tribunal Regulations

The Juvenile Tribunal is comprised of and operated by youth of the school, and constitutes the judiciary of Hakfar Hayarok. 

The tribunal convenes to discuss issues referred by the Secretariat of the Youth Council, or a group committee, all at the initiative of students, and provided the issue is of public social value.

Rulings of the court obligate all staff and students.

  • The youth tribunal has the same number of judges as there are groups in the boarding school - one for each grade level from 7th till 12th grade.
  • Judges are appointed by the Youth Secretariat.
  • The Tribunal Secretariat consists of 3 members.
  • The Secretariat approves appropriate claims and rejects unsuitable claims.
  • Invitees to a discussion are required to report on the day and at the time of time of their hearing.
  • The judges are presided over by a senior justice, from 11th or 12th grade, democratically elected by the other judges.
  • Public hearings are held on campus and students are required to attend.
  • The Tribunal has procedures, guidelines, and rules of conduct (see appendix).
  • Each participant is entitled to defend himself or choose his own defender among those people working or being educated in Hakfar Hayarok.
  • The Tribunal rules are in accordance with Fundamental Regulations of Behavior in Hakfar Hayarok. (December 97).
  • Issues may be brought before the tribunal byc the Youth Secretariat on behalf of students, the Farm Committee, Group Committees.
  • Interference with, or attempt to prevent and disrupt the Tribunal proceedings, or non-appearance to give evidence, may lead to contempt of court for which the maximum penalty is permanent expulsion from Hakfar Hayarok .
  • There is no appeal against judgments and decisions of the Youth Tribunal.
  • Tribunal decisions are binding on all students and employees of Hakfar Hayarok .
  • Enforcement of judgments and Tribunal decisions is assigned to the educational team.
  • In case of an inquiry, advice on procedure is given by the Tribunal Secretariat.