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Youth Institutions

The main goal set by the boarding school is to develop the autonomy of the individual and of the "peer group" and empower them. To this end, the boarding school enables social experiences, cultural enrichment, social involvement and self-fulfilment.

Various youth institutions allow active participation in community management of Hakfar Hayarok. Early in the year group (kvutsa) committees are elected democratically by group members and moderated by staff.

Youth Council

The Youth Council is the overseeing body of students responsible for the lives of youth in all areas. The Youth Council is composed of all members of committees that operate in Hakfar Hayarok .

The Youth Council meets when a meeting is called by the Youth Secretariat. The Youth Council serves as the student parliament and the number of its annual meetings depends on the need.

Youth Council Secretariat

The Youth Secretariat is composed of the chairmen of various committees and a representative of the group committees. The Secretariat chairman, his deputy and secretary are elected democratically by the members of the secretariat.

The Youth Secretariat coordinates various issues concerning the welfare of the students in Hakfar Hayarok , their quality of life, connection with community elders and the like. The Youth Secretariat represents the students of Hakfar Hayarok  in various dialogues taking place between youth and adults. The Youth Secretariat monitors the various village committees as well as the Youth Tribunal judges.

The Youth Secretariat is the executive branch and its decisions are binding on all members of the village. It meets on a weekly basis and decisions are published.

Farm Committee

The Farm Committee is related to the agricultural farm and the labor issue as a whole. Its role is to strengthen the relationship between the farm and the school and boarding school, initiate social activities that connect and strengthen this relationship, and deal with the daily work in Hakfar Hayarok. The Farm Committee appoints the work foremen and is responsible for the arrangement of farm labor and services.

The committee meets once a week and its decisions are published.

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee deals with immigrant absorption, with interactive cultural links, and connections between younger and older students. It is also responsible for the functions of youth guides. Members of the committee are students of grades 11 and 12, and this is the only committee whose members are not elected but are selected by committee members who complete their duties at the end of senior year.

Youth Guides (madatzim)

Youth guides are selected by the staff of the older groups. Their role is to handle induction of new students at Hakfar Hayarok, help them in their first days in the Kfar, be a listening ear and help the group's educational staff make initial contact with new students. In addition, youth guides take part in the operation of the Visitors' Center in the Hakfar Hayarok.