The theatre program provides a framework for artistic values ??- envisioning art as an active educational tool, which combines aspects of cognitive, emotional, social and practical development of the personality and creativity of the student. Theater arts education fosters the creative imagination, the aesthetic sense and a sense of criticism.

Goals of the program

  1. To provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of theater arts.
  2. To enable each student to develop his or her creative me by expressing different sides of his/her developing personality.
  3. To stimulate students to ask questions, explore and be profound.
  4. To develop students' listening ability.
  5. To provide a supportive environment enabling the development of group social skills.
  6. To participate in cultural events of Hakfar Hayarok community.

Structure of the program

The program will be divided to pre-theater for 7th and 8th grade students, and theatre for 9th to 12th grades. Bagrut program for 9th to 12th grades will study for 5 point Bagrut.

Subjects Covered

A. Theory

Introduction to the history of theatre, language of theatre, styles and genres, drama in the 20th century, Israeli theatre, approaches to directing, major issues in theatre. 

B. Practical - practical studies make up the majority of study

Acting methodology, directing methodology, theatre production, design roles (light, wardrobe, set), playwriting.

Study includes watching repertory theater and fringe theater plays, and meetings and workshops with theatre professionals.

Structure of the Bagrut

In 11th grade students will take the practical Bagrut test (1 point) - monologue/dialogue.

In 12th grade students will take the theory examination (2 points) and the practical test (2 points) - a production, where each student is examined on a production role and an acting role, except the director who is not examined on acting.

All examinations are external.

In addition to the Bagrut production students will conduct theater evenings and productions as preparation for the Bagrut.

Graduation from pre-theater to theatre will be determined by audition and personal interview in 8th grade, considering each student's work and achievements in pre-theater as well as his/her performance in the audition.

Students wishing to be admitted who have not attended pre-theater will have a personal interview and an audition.