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Resource Center

Hakfar Hayarok's resource center is the meeting point for learning for all students of the village. The center allows students to learn "differently"  in an atmosphere that is open, in front of computers or at tables with books and guided by the teacher. In this way, students have freedom of choice regarding:

What? To learn within the subject

How? CDs, the Internet or reference books,

When? In the morning, noon, afternoon or evening

All with the support of a team that includes an information specialist and technical staff. Thus, for example, in recent years students have prepared a website containing multimedia presentations in fashion design and biology, portfolios in literature and in media studies - on issues such as Jerusalem as the center of three religions, fashion of the monarchy in Europe, the types of vitamins in the human body, or a thesis about the film "Terminator". Students also build multimedia presentations on various subjects: fashion design, biology, and heritage and English.

The center includes: three modern computer rooms and library, which are available to teacher- planned lessons and / or casual visitors, for the diversification and improvement of learning.

The center also serves as a place to read newspapers, for enrichment

(Internet, etc.) and social meetings.