The Environmental Leadership Track

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The first in Israel - Environmental Leadership School

Hakfar Hayarok is a pioneer, a leader , experienced and with a reputation supported by results in the field of leadership.

The environmental leadership track is intended for excellent students with a perfect record of behavior, and who aspire to achievement.

Our targets are to:

Develop leadership qualities
Establish social and national values
Integrate students in public activity and national leadership

Our methods are:

Acquisition of unique leadership skills, and execution of original projects
Acquisition of rhetorical skills, development of articulation and inter-personal communication
Personal tutorship throughout study, by a professional team with an excellent track record
Establishment of new youth councils, and participation in the existing ones.

Excellence in study:

Study of man, society and environment
English at advanced level
Study of Arab culture
High quality Bagrut certificate

University study towards under-graduate degree according to the various majors, as selected