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Software Engineering


The software engineering program trains its students to a systemic thinking paradigm and ability to apply algorithms and complex systems in a world of elite technology (high tech). The range of subjects covered in the major, using advanced methods and tools to describe information systems, reflects the development of the computer sciences, different programming languages and new technological developments in the realm of software engineering, micro computers, data communications and internet, and selected subjects related to 21st century technology.

Subjects covered are fundamentals of programming in Java, building a website with database access, computational models and treatment of varieties of abstract data.

Curriculum and content

9th grade - Fundamentals of computer science A.

10th grade - Fundamentals of computer science B + programming in an internet environment (building a website).

11th grade - Software design + computational models.

12th grade - Operating systems project for 3 or 5 points (according to student's level).

Bagrut examinations and points

Students of software engineering are slated to take between 3 and 10 points for Bagrut, depending on individual ability.

10th grade - Fundamentals of computer science - 2 points, written.

                       Programming in an internet environment - 1 point, lab.

11th grade - Software design - computational models - 2 points.

12th grade - Project submission - 3-5 points level.

Admissions Policy

This program is geared to students who have studied computer science in 9th grade. Should there be a demand from other students who have not studied any previous computer science (depending on their numbers) a new group may be formed. Such students must be at 4-5 point level in math.

*The program will set qualification and group allocation tests, for new students and students currently studying computers.