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Program of Camp for gifted and talented - summer 2012

Hakfar Hayarok Theater camp for gifted and talented - Summer 2012


Camp program


Sunday 29/07/2012

Introductions, and a day of humor and parody

Morning: Opening Session Auditorium introduction and consolidation of the group,

Organization of the rooms

Noon: Lecture - Meeting with an artist

Organizing for photographic assignment, prepare a script and rehearse.

Afternoon: pool, watermelons and humorous scene photography

Evening: Screening of products (without editing), improvisation night.


Monday 07/30/2012

Mad science day - Brainiac.

Lecture - Oren Farber Hamda

10:00 to 13:00: Creating Videos Brainiac


Afternoon: Grouping: film editing, and other science classes 3 to 6.

6:00 p.m. Break, pool and relaxing

Evening activity: creating science fiction film


Tuesday 31/07/2012

Film professionals day

During the day children will experience a variety of workshops to choose from:

1. Game (Ayal)

2. photo - Eric

3. Edit + Green + after effects

4. Effects (Yahav)

5. Scriptwriting

Evening activity: outing- bowling Ramat Gan


Wednesday 08/01/2012

Day wandering in Tel Aviv

Opening with lecture - Documentary films

Unique day where we will wander in small groups meet in Tel Aviv armed with a camera and a variety of unique characters which create a short documentary film

Evening activity: a fascinating documentary film - while editing the films.


Thursday 08/02/2012

Day: Street Theatre

A marathon day of workshops in theater, juggling, photography, acting, breakdancing, and the evening we drive to introduce the work to a live audience on Tel Aviv Promenade

Evening: a trip to the TA boardwalk.


Friday - Saturday 3-4/8/2010

Project 48

Mad Project where in 48 hours (almost) kids create a film from concept to finished product

Afternoon: Mad Movie Club - Lecture by Alon Gur Arye and Kabbalat Shabbat

The project will end on Saturday night with an exciting Oscar ceremony, film screening and awards ceremony. Will be exciting.


Two day outing on the subject of fantasy 5-6/8/2012

We set out to the woods in the morning and there we will conduct experiential challenging activities.

And of course how can we do it without the wonderful RD & D Family and Round Table Knights team role-play.

The program includes a lecture on the subject, preparing a script, Meadow and Round Table Knights teams, night shoots in the Kadima forest; the next day day shoots and return to the Kfar - viewing material and Wrap-up camp.

Estimated end 17:00


Note: There may be changes in the program for reasons beyond our control


Equipment list:

- Clothes for a week

- Swimsuit

- Two towels: bath and pool

- Shoes

- A blanket for those who need more than a sheet

- Medical Card

- Toiletries

- Insect Repellent

- Leisure reading book

- Writing instruments

- Spending money for those interested (recommended to deposit with the instructors)

- Bowling shoes and socks.

- Older camp: sleeping bag, flashlight, walking shoes.

- Is strongly advised not to bring mobile devices and valuables. Camp management is not responsible for expensive equipment that has not been deposited.