The music program at Hakfar Hayarok is part of the musical activity of the youth village. The program prepares students for Bagrut examinations in music at the 5 point level.

The program focuses on musical performance, and encourages students to perform a recital for Bagrut. In addition, the program cultivates musical ability, encouraging students' personal development. The program combines many musical enrichment subjects in addition to Bagrut subjects and places musical activity at the center.

Subjects comprising 5 points for Bagrut:

Theory of music, harmony, hearing development - 2 points
History of music, history of rock - 2 points
Singing and singing from music, performing in ensembles and performances, sound and production - 1 point

Options for expansion :

5 extra points - Bagrut recital - national musical performance examination.

4 extra points - Bagrut by written thesis on musical subject.

Admissions Policy

The program accepts students in accordance with their ability. Any student with musical talent, prepared to invest and make music a central focus, may be admitted. Preference is given to students with ability to play an instrument, read music, and those with knowledge of recording and computer aided work with music, singing, and experience in performing.

Necessary requirement: High level playing or singing ability.

Each applying student will have a personal interview with the program co-ordinator and an aptitude test.

*We recommend combining study in the music program with study at the music school, and participation in the music ensembles of Hakfar Hayarok.