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Gifted Programs - "Green Thinking"

Green Thinking in the Green Village

An enrichment program for gifted and academically excellent children in the National Center for the Ggifted in HaKfar HaYarok - the largest, most extensive and most varied center in Israel for gifted and excellent student activities.

About the Program

"Green Thinking" is an enrichment program for gifted and academically excellent children which has operated continuously since 1993, and which is designed to provide solutions for this special population.

The program is a spiralling three year program, intended for children in grades 4 through 9, and which offers 4 semester long courses, 2 in each semester, each course including 15 meetings.

In the vacations we conduct camps matching the spirit of the program and of our vision.

The program opens horizons for cooperative creation, experiential activity, and development of social and intellectual skills - all in a time spread which is not limited by the confines of a lesson. The program introduces the children to others like themselves and the best instructors in Israel, in ideal conditions for learning and enjoyment.

About the contents

A wide and fascinating selection of experiences and experiments are included in the courses offered to the children, including: communication, cinema - inter-disciplinary, physics and rockets, physiology of animals, development of thinking and learning strategies, strategy games, drama, law, robotics, digital animation, and more.

About the Kfar

HaKfar HaYarok is situated in extensive grounds near Ramat Hasharon. The area is closed and secured 24 hours a day. At the Kfar the children have access to computer labs, Mac computer labs, classrooms, an air conditioned auditorium, a dining room for evening meals, a swimming pool in summer, and large open spaces with a village atmosphere. These optimal learning conditions allow us to emphasize not only academic areas of learning, but also the emotional and social aspects.

Hakfar Hayarok is also a National Center for gifted pupils which includes dedicated gifted classes for grades 7 through 12, an enrichment center for gifted and excellent children, and summer camps for gifted students.

About the Staff

Our staff are professional teachers and instructors with many years of experience teaching gifted and excellent students, and in running special programs, including experience in teaching scientific and artistic materials.

The staff are involved in many programs for the gifted nationwide, are familiar with the special needs of this population, and suit the program to the students' needs accordingly.

Study in small groups enables teachers to make direct contact with the children and to provide maximum attention.

Enrolment Requirements:

For gifted program: children who have passed the second test of the Szold Institute.

For excellent: Submittance of school records, a letter of recommendation from the school, and a personal interview.


For details and registration: Rita Shalchovoi +972-52-3797700