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Family Homes

The Family Homes at Hakfar Hayarok operate under the auspices of the Rural Education Administration , Immigrant Youth Dept. and the Movement for Training of Youth in Israel. Family Homes provide a structured framework based on a "family educational model", tailored to the emotional and developmental needs of  younger children and youths:

    Small group




The educational model is based on two major elements:

  1. Placing the child in the center. The educational goal- the child himself - his personality, life and happiness.
  2. The education of a child within a family group with emphasis on a full and happy childhood in a family setting.

The Family Homes are built as a family unit, including bedrooms and bathrooms for all children, kitchenette, living and dining area. This framework enables the normal lifestyle of a family. Each Family Home is overseen by a couple who live at the family home with their biological children. All this, in order to create the framework of a family. Relationships with the child's biological family are maintained - families visit their children at the Family Home, and children visit their families during holidays and celebrations, vacations and weekends.

The Family Homes are intended for children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. New applicants are accepted till 6th grade.

At Hakfar Hayarok Family Homes children enjoy:

A warm, supportive and caring home in a pastoral and peaceful green environment.

High-quality schools, both in the neighboring city, Ramat Hasharon, and at Hakfar Hayarok.

Professional support staff (educational, therapeutic), who care for all daily needs and handle personal difficulties whether emotional, social or physical.

Special treatments for unique needs, such as psychotherapy, art therapy, animal-therapy and psychodrama.

A wide range of auxiliary classes and enrichment activities during lunchtime and afternoon. Private teachers who come to the Family Homes in addition to the Learning Center, Resource Center, and library resources at their disposal, and under the auspices of which various activities are held.

An active role to be taken in social and cultural activities of Hakfar Hayarok, including holidays, Friday (Shabbat) evenings and other major events.

A wide range of after-school activities to encourage creativity, sport, arts and music.

A large celebration held every year for the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah boys and girls together with their families

We believe that Hakfar Hayarok will give these children a second chance and hope for a better future through an experience of growth in a family education setting.