Electrics And Electronics

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Electrics And Electronics


This major is intended for students who wish to combine scientific principles from physics, electrics. Math, electronics and computerized control.

This major teaches students to:

  • Understand the scientific significance of terminology and technological processes.
  • Use future technological means, to collect relevant data to make a professional decision and to process the results with the aid of a computer.
  • Plan using command and control technologies, and construct imaging systems and simulators.
  • Build systems providing practical daily solutions, and use them.

Subjects and Bagrut Program

  • Electrical systems - 3-5 points
  • Power systems, command and control systems - 5 points (final project)
  • Physics - 1-3 points

A student of this major may study in a unique track enabling two specialized subjects, each at the 5 point level.

Additionally this major enables higher study to degree of technician, electrical engineer on Hakfar Hayarok college campus, or one of the local technological colleges.

Second specialty: computerized systems and automobile diagnostics (see majors menu).