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Details of activities and content of Younger Touching Nature camp 2012

  1. Peafowl - the difference between male and female. Courtship and breeding of peacocks and peahens. About peachicks Warning cries of peafowl, nesting areas, and more ....
  2. Ibex - A breeding nucleus. Feeding wild goats and familiarity with them. The difference between male and female ...
  3. Eggs and chicks - Study of egg production, egg collecting in the laying house, petting, two or three day old chicks. Are there eggs without shells?
  4. Insect Survey and collecting wildflower seeds - collecting butterflies, familiarity, stages of insect development. Collecting seeds of plants typical to the Sharon coast.
  5. Red green - study showing the principle that all the fruit develops from a flower .... and of course picking and eating watermelon. Collecting rejected watermelons and feeding farm animals.
  6. Chocolate Moo ... - Visiting the barn, feeding the big calves. How to milk cows. Why does every cow have a number? How is her number stamped? What's in milk? How does milk become cheese? Preparation of a cheese ball from milk. Drinking chocolate milk.
  7. Livestock - What's the difference between wild animals and farm animals? Usefulness of livestock, familiarity with livestock, petting rabbits and baking pita bread with chocolate for dessert.
  8. Ornamental planting - planting Pitunias in pots, learning the principles of planting and nurturing. Each child prepares a plant and receives it as a gift to take home and nurture.
  9. The green village. Familiarity with the agricultural farm, the fields and preservation of the remaining green areas in urban terrain.
  10. Reptiles - familiarity, petting of snakes, turtles, iguana ... What characterizes reptiles?