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Culture and Holidays

Music School

HaKfar HaYarok operates  a music school attended by nearly 300 students playing various instruments. There are several musical ensembles, including a group of classical music, poetry and percussion groups, as well as courses in sound, computer-aided music composition and sound engineering. In addition, there is weekly rehearsal of the representative ensemble guided by Rimon Academy of Music Students.


A new tradition in Hakfar Hayarok - Program 8. Concerts are held every Tuesday at eight o'clock at Rayushka House. Each time, different age ensembles perform for students and employees.

Sport Classes:
Gym, basketball, aerobic dance, table tennis, Krav Maga, combat fitness and preparation for the army, tennis (in tennis center), weightlifting (Tel Aviv University), athletics (Hadar Yosef Stadium) football team.

Culture circles:
Drama, dance, art, film club, selected film club, scouting.

Music classes:
Drums, percussion, guitar, piano, violin, woodwinds, strings, one of the best singing groups in the country.

Aikido dojo and Chi - Kung
Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art that contributes to the integrated  development of all personal dimensions: body, soul and mind. Through the practice of Aikido and Qi - Kong students improve their health, their mental strength and their function under stress and throughout daily life.


For the Aikido Dojo website click here.


Program Ten

A unique Kfar "Invention" meaning a "Saturday in the Kfar" evening program, is the presentation of a play starring members of the group (each group appears in turn in the annual rotation). The program is as old as the village, and its name originates from the time set for the show (ten).
Participation in rehearsals for the show and the show at Project Ten gives students an opportunity to express themselves differently, this is an extraordinary and a unique experience. The program's directors are directors who work in professional theater in the country.

Hakfar Hayarok stage has presented: "Stolen Dreams", "My Fair Lady", "Review of Young People", "Good Soul of Sczechuan", "Kazablan", "Cyrano de Bergerac", "Wasserman", "Oedipus the King "," Into Me "," State Comptroller " and many more.

Trustees Course:
Monthly meetings of a number of students selected from the Kfar, dealing with specific topics. Students receive enrichment and knowledge, experience workshops aimed at developing the selected topic.

Theatre Trustees:
These meetings allow the students listen to lectures, participate in workshops, watch performances and meet with actors and directors.

Writing Trustees:
Students experience writing workshops, and meet with artists.

Youth Mediation Trustees:
During the course, students are exposed to a new method for settling disputes and experiment with simulations and role-play.

Hakfar Hayarok external and boarding school students are educated in active democracy. At the beginning of each year, various youth institutions are elected, and these constitute an active partnership in the daily managing  of the school: Boarding Group Committee, Grade Council, Youth Secretariat, Graduates Commission, Youth Council, Global Kfar Student Council, Farm Committee, Youth Court, Culture Committee,  Newspaper .