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Cinema And Television


The Cinema and Television major invites highly creative and highly motivated students to create films. Our team of staff include experienced teachers with many years involvement  in the cinema, TV, theatre and internet industry, as well as experience in teaching.

Films are created as a team project and require first of all full co-operation between team members, exercising listening, patience and understanding of one another's needs. Most of all, of course they demand creativity and drive. At the end of a long process the films will be produced. Students of this major create short films each year, which are part of the Bagrut exams; they also produce films for Hakfar Hayarok community.

Each film begins with a small idea and develops into a screenplay with a beginning, middle, and end. Students invent ideas for short films, dream aloud, and express everything that they are thinking and feeling. The creative process is fascinating and exciting, strange, scary, challenging and interesting. There are many surprises on the path; pre-planning and changes in the field - and at the end, incredibly: a real cinema film.

Subjects covered

Screenplay, photography, directing, production, editing, history of cinema, technology, and film analysis.

Structure of the Bagrut  program

  • Final film and mini-project (filming processes)- 3 points
  • Seminar paper- 2 points
  • History of film- 2 points
  • Practical optics- 3 points
  • Science and technology - 1 point

*Students taking cinema as a second major, will study only 5 points

Admissions Policy

Personal interview with the cinema program co-ordinator and teachers.

High grade average at end of 9th grade.