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The material studied in 10th grade comprises the first unit of study for the study plan at the level of 5 points.

In 11th grade - We complete the course of study for 3 points, which includes expansion of the basic terms covered in the 9th grade. Fundamental terms of Chemistry, structure and connection, properties of substances and other subjects which enable students' familiarity with chemical phenomena, systems of research and application of study material in daily life and in industry: inter-molecular forces, solubility, stoichiometry (calculation), acids and alkalis, organic chemistry (proteins, sugars, fats etc).

At the end of 10th or 11th grade (depending on progress through material) students take the 3 point level Bagrut examination.

In 12th grade (or 11th) students complete the program to 5 point level, and are examined. The completion from 3 point level to 5 point level expands horizons, allowing students to grasp an overall picture, and includes a lab unit where chemical phenomena are examined in-depth, while practicing research methodology and methods of scientific evaluation, and industrial principles.

*At all stages of study classes include laboratory experiments, computerized learning programs, and work with models.

For the future....Chemistry -related areas of study

Chemistry (of course), Chemical engineering, food enginerring, materials engineering, medicine, pharmacology, biology, bio-technology, micro-biology, genetical engineering, nano engineering, agriculture, electronics, textile engineering, geology... and more

Note that university acceptance to study any of the above fields typically requires a Bagrut result in Chemistry.