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In the press

Dozens of articles have appeared in the print news about Hakfar Hayarok. A limited list of titles appears below. The full list, regularly updated, appears on the Hebrew version of the site, with direct links to articles, in Hebrew.

In the Print Press

"Top Kid" Yediot 8.9.10

"Today's Green is Very Green" Hazman Hasharon 11.2.11

"City Councils are Worried about Brain Drain" Ha'aretz 6.5.11

"Orna Comes Lovingly" Yediot 1.3.12

"Go Forth and Multiply - the Bottanical Version" 24.2.12

"Russian Romance" 24.2.12

"Spring Opening Events" Teachers Union Guide

"Meeting of Jewish and Arab Youth at HaKfar HaYarok" Etgar 5.2.12

"Giving them Schooling" Yediot Hasharon 3.2.12

"Village Sounds" Yediot Hasharon 13.1.12

"Parents Play (Music)" Yediot Petach Tikva 13.1.12

"Narcissus Walk at Pi Glilot" 13.1.12

"Members of the Knesset Committee for Immigration and Absorption Tour HaKfar HaYarok" Kol Barama 6.1.12

"Organic Garden at the Kfar" Yediot Hasharon 16.12.11

"Starting Out" Rashi Fund Publishing 4.12.11

"The Band" Yediot Tel Aviv 2.12.11

"Exceling at History at the Kfar Hayarok"  Kol Barama 2.12.11

"Making History" Yediiot Hasharon 18.11.11

"Reconciliation Order" Yediot Hasharon 18.11.11

"Second Childhood" Yediot Hasharon 4.11.11

"The Ambassador" Yediot Hasharon-Hertzlia 12.10.11

"Prof. Dan Shechtman Visits HaKfar HaYarok" Kol Berama 10.11.11

"First Holiday Without Mother" Yediot Hasharon 7.10.11

"Plot to Rent" Yediot Hasharon-Hertzlia 2.9.11

"Life Belongs to the Youth" Yediot Hasharon 19.8.11

"Private Vegetable Garden" La'Isha 14.8.11

"Ra'anana Pupils get Permits to Study at HaKfar HaYarok" Kol Raanan 12.8.11

"Parents Petition for Permit to Study at HaKafar HaYarok Denied" Tzomet Hasharon Kfar Saba 12.8.11

"The City Refuses to Allow Pupils to Study at Ela Highschool" Kol Raanan 6.8.11

"Study at HaKfar HaYarok School - Before the Judgement" Kol HaKfar 5.8.11