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Art And Design


The art major exposes students to a rainbow of areas in art- drawing, sculpture and architecture, and also to a range of design areas including visual/graphic design, environmental design, product design, fashion design, etc.

Specializations of the major are visual art and design.

Students acquire theoretical knowledge in the fields of art and design, combined with practical experience- manual, computerized and e-learning, among the subjects aimed at achieving a Bagrut certificate.

Each student receives personal guidance from teachers, attends field trips, and participates in "peak days", intended to nurture his or her personal and unique talents and lead him/her to the development of a personal artistic style.

Main subjects of study: the language of art, art history, visual arts experience or practical art experience.

Structure of the Bagrut program

A. Practical art

The language of art - 1 point

History of art - 2 points

Specialty in practical art/visual art requires visual art or design - 2 pts *

Students specializing in design must also take:

B. Science of technology - 1 point

C. Design: fundamentals of design

Applications of design- 2 points**

Admissions Policy

Personal interview - experience and study of drawing and/or sculpting and/or design.

Practice + portfolio - at least 8 pieces.

Good grades.

*Specialty in visual arts/specialty in practical arts - workshops - choose one of the two.

Specialty in visual arts includes drawing, sketching, sculpting, pottery, printing, etching, computer art/photoshop.

Specialty in practical arts includes clothing throughout history, interdisciplinary aspects (research paper).

** Applications of design - computerized design, graphic programs, manual design.