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About the Boarding School

Many students reside in the boarding school, which serves as their home during their student years. Resident students are nurtured, in a pastoral green atmosphere, permitting a a high quality of life.

Boarding school also provides students a social experience essential to life in society, enhanced cultural enrichment, and extensive community involvement.

Students living in a "kvutsa" (group) share collaborative activities and individual activities, promoting self-realization, and teaching skills that contribute to strengthened self-esteem.

The residences of the counsellor and housemother are adjacent to students' homes, so they can accompany students in their daily lives. Also a team of

A group counsellor and housemother reside adjacent to students living quarters, accompanying their daily lives. A team of professionals- psychologist, guidance counsellor and social worker - are also available to residential students for treatment, counselling and instruction.