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About Our Village

The first youth village at Hakfar Hayarok (“The Green Village”) was founded in 1950, part of the Zionist program of David Ben Gurion tasked with smoothly integrating immigrant youth into current Israeli society.

Today there are 2000 students at the Kfar, of which some 400 live at the school. The fertile and flourishing school grounds cover 500 acres and embrace many industries, including:

An agricultural farm
A veterinary hospital
A Visitors Center
A college
A center for gifted students
Hakfar Hayarok Environmental Leadership junior high and high school.


HaKfar Hayarok school offers multiple academic programs including:

Gifted Program
Accelerated Science program
Pre-Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
Environmental Leadership
Music,Television and film program
Software engineering
Arts, Design, Theater
Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Physics


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