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Electrical Engineering Track

Hakfar Hayarok offers high school graduates of the electrics track a unique framework of quality studies.

Study towards Electrical Engineering and Electronics Technician Diploma.

Specialization in power systems, command and control.

General Information

Duration of studies

One year technician certificate.

Two-year engineering certificate.


Most funding comes from interested parties such as the Ministry of Education,

IDF or wages of a student who is interning in the industry.

Residential program

Boarding option for students who live far away.

Supportive environment

Help in the evening in all subjects.

Diploma course

Deferral of military service for one year -technician diploma.

Deferral of military service for two years- engineering diploma.

Military service as a technician / engineer within IDF forces, including combat forces and elite units.

Hakfar Hayarok College is recognized by the Ministry of Education and the IDF and supported by "project Goal" of the Ordnance Corps. Support is expressed through funding 80% of the tuition, academic tutoring and suitable assignment for mandatory service.

Target Population

Graduates of the department of electrics (and energy control systems).

Minimum conditions of acceptance

14 points Bagrut broken down as follows:

Technological Certificate:

    3 credits electrical systems.

    3 credits command and control systems.

    1 credit Physics / Science and Technology

Theoretical background:

    3 Credits Math

    3 Credits English

    1-2 credits Hebrew

Students with deficits of three credits in mathematics or English or in any other subject, will be invited for a personal interview by the admissions committee, and their acceptance will be contingent on their undertaking to make up missing subjects Award of certificate of technician and engineer will be contingent on meeting this commitment.

Completion of Bagrut matriculation and academic studies

One may complete the Bagrut exams at college in the evening under the auspices of program "Second Chance" (the student is entitled to a magen grade).

Outstanding students - with an average of 85% or more, may continue studies toward a B.S? - Electrical Engineer, in cooperation with the College of Judea and Samaria. Applicable students will defer military service for another two years. Studies will be financed  by the IDF. Academic studies are part of the college schedule for grades 13 and 14 (twice weekly).

For registration please bring:

12th grade year report and report from first term/first quarter of the 12th grade.
2 passport photos.
NIS 300 registration fee.
Recommendation of teacher track coordinator
Bagrut Grades Transcript
Identity Card

College Tuition

College Tuition is set annually by the Ministry of Education and is the same for all the tracks and courses in learning institutions. Students attending through Youth Aliyah and social services will continue in the same framework and will benefit from financing for their residence at the school.

For more information:

Tel: 03-6481476

Fax: 03-6488485