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Computer Engineering Track

Registration has begun.

We call for outstanding students, alumni of 12th grade, who took the Bagrut matriculation exam in computer science at the level of 5 credits or more, to come and learn at the village green for eight months of study towards a diploma of software engineering technician, army service.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Option to get into DFCS (IDF computer school) after eight months of study at the college and the compliance with IDF requirements.
  • Graduates of DFCS guaranteed military service as a computer programmer.
  • Military service as a programmer ensures familiarity with current systems, plus the accumulation of unique practical experience.
  • Practical experience - there is high demand in the labor market for engineers with a technological background, graduates who have completed DFCS course as software engineering technicians.
  • Modular curriculum with two exit stations, one at the end of grade 13 and one technician after Chndsai th grade.

Military service in the field of software engineering allows to keep pace with global technological development.

Green Village College offers a unique curriculum that will give you a high-level technological training, combined with the unique learning atmosphere of a village youth, all while meeting the high standards of the industry and the IDF.

Studies provide a recognized degree of "software engineering technician" before induction into the army.

Plan and final exams supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Who is the program?

Software engineering course is intended for graduates of the trend of information systems programming or computer science, with potential for academic study, and who desire to serve in the software field.

The duration of studies at the village green

  • Degree Technician - attracted eight months school graduation and adult joins the army.
  • Graduates received Lvsm"h further trained for three months during their military service.
  • College Green Village handles military deferment.

Application Requirements

A. Matriculation certificate, which includes:

5 study units in computer science

5 units in computer science project or 3-5 Units operating systems 

5 Units Math

5 units or scientific physics technology

5 English

Two. Personal Interview

Three. High school recommendation


Student dormitories and Economics

Green Village College offers students interested in economics and living in the dorms in the village.

For information and registration

College Secretariat: Orna or Edith - 03-6481476

Marketing Director: Meir -