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Hakfar Hayarok college has designed a successful education model, a model which has received recognition and appreciation in the educational system.

The model is characterized by two central themes: 

  1. The design of a unique learning space which combines computing and measurement tools with learning content, while emphasizing individual faith, mutual respect, sensitivity and tolerance, student empowerment, development of thinking, creativity and teamwork.
  2. Guided experience and expertise in industrial plants. Internship is supplemented by the formative evaluation of teachers, factory representatives and the students themselves.

For details on registering for college contact

Meyer- phone: 052-5842035

The College takes students:

  • Capable of understanding the meaning of scientific concepts and technological processes.
  • Able to diagnose faults and malfunctions using computer technology.
  • Able to use measuring instruments and collect data relevant to professional decision making.
  • Able to process data using a computer.
  • Able to work on the computer in various ways: publishing, statistical work, animation, etc..
  • Capable of passing certification tests to graduate Ed. Ministry technician / engineer.

 The College has two main tracks:

 1. Mechanical Engineering Track

     Specialization: Computer Systems and vehicle diagnostics.

2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

     Specialization: Power Systems Command  and Control.