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Distribution Center for the development of Environmental Leadership


During the experimental process Hakfar Hayarok crystallized at new educational model for developing environmental leadership, based on:

  • Development of leadership skills and adolescent identity formation.
  • Innovation methodology - exploration, as method, as educational goal and as organizational culture.
  • Integration of informal education. 
  • Aimed to promote environmental values as central values.

The new model altered the pedagogic heart of Hakfar Hayarok  - including learning tracks, curriculum and learning strategies - as well as causing changes in organizational structure, the composition of the educational team, the roles, organizational climate and image of Hakfar Hayarok.

Rationale for the distribution center

The justification and importance of establishing a distribution center in Hakfar Hayarok derives from the definition of goals and contents. Necessity and the desire to promote environmental issues, which are now on the global agenda, tends us responsibility to develop relationships with communities as large as possible, to learn, teach and work together. The combination - environmental leadership - highlights our orientation to educate to leadership and influence, to make a difference in our world.


The center will offer a unique model of the environmental leadership development process overall - specific content areas, ex-classroom learning strategies and innovative methodologies taught and implemented at the school. The center will work with Prof. Hanoch Flum, Dr. Avi Kaplan, and Mirit Sinai from the Education Department at Ben Gurion University.

The center will emphasize investigating the nature of the explorative classroom process and learning in general, the importance of developing reflective thinking, formulating personal identity to strengthen autonomy, and leadership development, as well as developing principles and ways of structuring an educational environment that encourages the student to self-clarification, while providing a "scaffolding" process of exploration and clarification.

Within the center new programs and strategies of teaching and learning will be demonstrated and developed, including working with heterogeneous student populations, creating a study space that reinforces the sense of belonging and initiative (agency) among students and teachers, reaching beyond the classroom - "living lab", promotion of systemic/shared work patterns and will demonstrate the integration of non-formal learning principles with formal learning.

The center will explore ways to strengthen the democratic climate - empowering students and employees, creating a foundation of trust, cooperation and a sense of belonging essential to students as part of the process.

The center will disseminate the importance of preservation of open spaces and disseminate the principles of urban agriculture.

The center  will demonstrate the combination of the school counselling set-up in the foundation of education to environmental leadership.

The center will maintain international relations with academic centers working in similar fields and will hold courses for educators from abroad in Hakfar Hayarok.

Instruction on managing organizational change and action research in education will be given. During the training course the organizational and systemic change taking place in Hakfar Hayarok  after the educational experiment will be examined.

Trainees at Hakfar Hayarok will be given a more meaningful learning experience at a "living learning lab" and as well as  personal and professional development. Trainees will learn and develop skills and pedagogical principles incorporated in theories from the fields of education and psychology.

The teaching staff the center will be comprised of leading educational staff in the Hakfar Hayarok in collaboration with leading academics.


The center will appeal to diverse populations such as teachers, students, trainee teachers, researchers and others.

The Distribution Center will be a national and international training center.

Our goals

1. To foster environmental leadership among trainees, enabling them to distribute and implement environmental youth leadership.

2. To promote exploration as a tool, to encourage advances in the pedagogical education system.

3. To strengthen connection with academia for ongoing research and teacher education.

4. To create partnerships with policy makers with a view to adoption of the educational model of Hakfar Hayarok.

5. To institutionalize a flywheel organization - creating R & D for further implementation and development of the experiment within the organization.